“What I like best about my job is making a difference for my clients who are often in difficult situations.”

Gail Goodfellow Solicitor Advocate

Who Am I and How Can I Help

I am an expert in all matters of criminal law. I provide confidential and impartial advice to private and legal aid funded clients on a wide range of matters from minor incidents to the most serious crimes.

Operating from Aberdeen city centre offices I appear regularly in the High Court, the Sheriff Court and the Justice of the Peace Court across Scotland.

In addition to representing my own clients, I am regularly instructed by other legal firms throughout Scotland to represent their clients in relation to criminal legal matters.

I offer a bespoke and dedicated service tailored to meet your needs when you need it most.

If you find yourself accused of breaking the law or in need of advice call me and I will help you. With the benefit of expert advice you may avoid significant financial penalty, loss of employment , loss of status or loss of liberty.

I provide pre-prosecution advice and full court representation at every stage. I will explain fully the consequences of a trial and potential outcomes in relation to any allegation and any potential or pending prosecution and I can help seek diversion from prosecution where possible.

It is often crucial that appropriate advice is provided prior to and during any police interview. Evidence provided during an interview can result in prosecution. I can attend and arrange such interviews and provide appropriate advice on what to say.

All enquiries are treated with the strictest confidence.

Areas of Expertise

Road Traffic Offences

Losing your driving licence could result in the loss of your employment, your home, and your family.


Assault is a common offence and can arise unexpectedly and uncharacteristically.

Drug Related Offences

Drugs are amongst the most common offences before the Scottish courts.

Sexual Offences

There have been many changes in the law on rape and sexual offences recently.


Fraud can range from low value fraud such as avoiding a taxi fare to high level complex business transactions.

Theft and Robbery

Convictions for crimes of dishonesty can have a significant impact on your employment.

Internet Crime

The use of the Internet has been subject to increasing scrutiny by the law, covering both of the type of material distributed and accessed via the Internet, and the use of social media sites.


Possession of an air pistol can lead to prosecution.

Murder and Culpable Homicide

Murder carries a sentence of life imprisonment and is prosecuted exclusively in the High Court.

Breach of Peace

Shouting, swearing aggressive or racist behaviour or fighting can all be classed as a breach of the peace depending on the circumstances.