Possession of an air pistol can lead to prosecution.

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Possession of a firearm, even an airgun or air pistol can result in prosecution. Breaches of firearms licences can also bring you before the court. Certain firearms offences attract lengthy minimum prison sentences and the seriousness and gravity of such offences cannot be underestimated. I have extensive experience in all areas of firearms offences. It is crucial to receive suitable advice prior to and during any police interview in relation to such matters.


The answer requires legal analysis and is often misunderstood. I will provide you with a suitable appraisal and advise on the prospects of success to ensure that you can make suitably informed decisions.

Expert advice and legal assistance is required immediately upon detention for any offence and preferably before any police interview is conducted as admissions made during such an interview can significantly affect any possible defence.


I am registered to provide criminal legal assistance by the Scottish Legal Aid Board and can provide advice on  eligibility for legal aid and alternative payment arrangements. Full disclosure of fee charging is provided.

This will depend on the particular circumstances of each prosecution and the seriousness of the offence. In some cases it may be possible for me to attend court on your behalf. I can discuss this with you in greater detail at the consultation.

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