Fraud can range from low value fraud such as avoiding a taxi fare to high level complex business transactions.

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Fraud can also include obtaining state benefits in circumstances where the person concerned is no longer entitled to them.

Extensive investigations including forensic audit may be appropriate.

I understand that often the most important aspect of a fraud allegation is to avoid prosecution and I can explore the best strategy with you to achieve that where possible.

I have investigated numerous complaints of mortgage irregularity, bribery and corruption, false accounting, tax fraud and embezzlement and other corporate and individual fraudulent acts. This can be a complex area of law and may require careful plea bargaining negotiation with expert witness input.

If a plea of guilty requires to be tendered in prosecutions for crimes of dishonesty then careful consideration requires to be given to make sure the court is aware of all of the mitigating circumstances in order to restrict any penalty imposed. Where appropriate this will include obtaining medical reports, character references and other information which may help to lessen the penalty.


The answer requires legal analysis and is often misunderstood. I will provide you with a suitable appraisal and advise on the prospects of success to ensure that you can make suitably informed decisions.

Expert advice and legal assistance is required immediately upon detention for any offence and preferably before any police interview is conducted as admissions made during such an interview can significantly affect any possible defence.

I am registered to provide criminal legal assistance by the Scottish Legal Aid Board and can provide advice on  eligibility for legal aid and alternative payment arrangements. Full disclosure of fee charging is provided.

This will depend on the particular circumstances of each prosecution and the seriousness of the offence. In some cases it may be possible for me to attend court on your behalf. I can discuss this with you in greater detail at the consultation.

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